Provincetown is also known as ptown and it is located at the very tip of Cape Cod. Provincetown is known for the local artists and fisherman. Each and every one of the towns on Cape Cod are great to stay and they each have their own unique places to see and things to do so, one of the neatest towns on Cape Cod is Provincetown The town of Provincetown is located on a one way street that meanders along art galleries, shopping and restaurants. While visiting Cape Cod and Ptown make sure to try some of the local restaurants and walk up the Provincetown Monument. There are beautiful beaches in Provincetown as well as excellent places to stay such as B & B’s and motels and hotels and more.
From the waters of Cape Cod Bay to the stunning shoreline of the Cape Cod National Seashore, Provincetown is a little piece of paradise where Massachusetts charm overwhelms and breathtaking views are always in style. Whether the seclusion appeals to your senses or the ample opportunities for recreation are your recipe for relaxation, a Provincetown vacation rental is the perfect way to surround yourself with the best of this Cape Cod treasure.
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